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Nikki Pistak

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Ok…so where to start with my Zumba journey so far! Having followed a discipline of ballet for almost 20 years as well as dabbling in a number of other dance styles over the years, I was always slim and fit and absolutely loved to dance! However, when I gained several stones and lost most of my fitness at the start of my 20s, I also lost a part of me and my love to dance. Having battled the weight up and down over the last 10 years, in November 2014 and just over 6 months to go until I get married, I decided enough is enough and went along to Nikki’s Zumba class.

Having been to several other Zumba classes, I kind of knew what to expect but this was on another level! Immediately I knew it was the class for me, not only to help me lose weight and shape up to fit my beautiful wedding dress but to rekindle that part of me that loves dance so much! Nikki is truly inspiring, her energy is like a magnet drawing you in, She always keeps you pumped and her routines can challenge everyone, no matter what your background is!

After attending Nikki’s classes for just 10 weeks, I am already noticing a huge improvement to my fitness levels and stamina, but also on the scales and in my clothes! Knowing I have only 5 months until my big day, Nikki is really going above and beyond to help me trim down and fit the frock, as well as support me every step of the way. Nikki, I can’t thank you enough! I love getting lost in the music in class and can’t wait to see you on the dance floor! Watch this space, my Zumba body is on it’s way, just 3.5 stone to go!


I've been attending Nikki's Zumba classes for almost a year now after a break from exercise. I didn't know anyone in the class when I first joined but I can honestly say I was made to feel welcome by Nikki and everyone in the class has been friendly.  

It's an energetic class which is fun, affordable and not at all snobby like some classes can be. The music is great too, really gets you moving and lifts you after a hard week and if you make a mistake you just keep moving to the tunes and catch up again and laugh about it, no one really notices!!

I actually look forward to going to the classes which isn't something everyone can say about the exercise they undertake! It's also really handy that there is a weekend class, most fitness classes are run during weekday evenings which I couldn't attend.

I would thoroughly recommend Nikki's Zumba classes to anyone of any fitness level.


"Why Zumba? It's fun, lively, but most importantly it makes you feel good. Great music - a good blend of old classics with some new tunes thrown in.

We're a family of 4 (a Mum + 3 Daughters) who thoroughly enjoy it. We work out & have laugh together at the same time.

Nikki is lovely - although slightly crazy! A great mover who encourages and motivates everyone. 

Attending a Zumba Class is like going to a party - it's Zumbatastic!"  

                                                                  Lynn, Kelly, Lucy & Sophie  


“When a friend suggested joining a Zumba class, I didn’t think it was the best type of class for someone with no rhythm, timing  or co-ordination! I joined Nikki’s class and it didn’t matter how I danced or what I looked like as all eyes were on the mesmerising Nikki. This is honestly the best fitness class I’ve ever done and it doesn’t matter what shape or age you are or your fitness level, Nikki’s Zumba classes are for everyone. In the four years that I’ve been going, I've become fit, made some friends for life and had an absolute blast!”  


"Nikki's Zumba classes are a great way to get rid of the stresses of the day and get fit too! I've been going for 3 years now and am completely addicted. Her unique blend of latin and street dance choreography gives a Zumba class with attitude! Great tunes by artists such as J-Lo, LMFAO and Jessie J along with more traditional latin music provides a superb mix of styles. I never want the class to end, and I always know that I will have been worked to my limit. Nikki's positive vibes give the classes great energy, but she always takes care to ensure that everyone works at a pace to suit them. If you love to party and love to dance, you'll love Nikki's Zumba classes!" 


"I love to do Zumba because its a fun way to get fit, listen to great music and to dance like crazy.  Nikki is absolutely fantastic and she always greets with a warm smile, she's so lovely (My little nickstar :D)  She really could give J-LO a run for her money!! I also love to spend time with my mum and a good way to have a laugh when we get the moves wrong! (Pretty much all the time). I look forward to each class <3"  

Abbey xx

 "I enjoy doing zumba because it keeps me fit, going with my daughter keeps me motivated, (even though it drives my husband crazy when we do the dances and songs at home).  Classes are fun and everyone is friendly. Nikki is so great and her enthusiasm is amazing!" 

Abbey's Mum xx

"I'm the nearly 58yr old lady dancing (badly) usually at the front of the class!  

Seven years ago I topped the scales at 22 stone could hardly walk as my knees were shot. I managed to lose a few stone & had a total knee replacement dropping a few more stone but then I hit the wall and I stayed the same weight for nearly a year. I knew I needed to exercise but hated the thought.  I tried five different Zumba instructors was about to give up when a leaflet came through the door so I tried one more and the rest is history.  Over the next year with Nikki's encouragement & that of my new-found Zumba friends, I managed to lose more weight as well as up my fitness levels!  I have now lost over 10 stone!  Nikki has instilled in me (and in everyone who attends her classes) a love of exercise through dance & fun, I never feel intimidated or self-conscious and I've made many new wonderful friends. Honestly, it's like a party every time I go to Zumba. Sorry Nicole if this embarrasses you? But I don't care, the WORLD should know & appreciate what you have done for so many of us!"

Adreinne XXX

"I started Zumba in January, I desperately needed to do some exercise. As my children have got bigger and I’ve gone back to work full time I have found myself sitting in my car, sitting at my desk, sitting on the sofa- you get the picture! As a teenager I loved to dance and my sister in law recommended one of Nikki’s classes. What can I tell you I’m hooked! I love them so much that I actually hate it if I miss one – trust me I’m not the girl who exercises for fun, but it turns out that I do! I grin from ear to ear throughout the whole class despite being exhausted I don’t want them to end. If you want to do something fun, meet some other really happy people and get infected with just a small bit of Nikki’s enthusiasm and energy (trust me that seems to be boundless) come and have a go. I truly love it."

Callie xxxx

** Callie has now brought her 4 sisters, her 2 daughters and her Step-Mother to class - it's become a family affair!** N xx

"A few years ago I was two stone heavier. I lost most of the weight using fitness DVDs, although motivation began to disappear repeating mundane exercises. I decided I needed a fun fitness class, which didn’t feel like exercise to maintain and improve the hard work I had achieved. Zumba was the answer!! I love going every week. Nikki is so enthusiastic, full of life and extremely encouraging. The class really does suit every fitness level. I had my initial concerns about my lack of co-ordination, but it really isn’t hard to grasp and no-one cares how silly you look anyway!!! The music is varied and always includes some ‘party tunes’ to get you really going for it!! I come away from class looking extremely flustered and sweaty, but I’ve had such a good time that I don’t care how I look, and most importantly exercise no longer feels like a chore! It is fun!"


"Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of exercising and ways of keeping on my toes, but Nikki’s Zumba classes beat the lot! They are fun, always varied, so not only are they exercising your body but your brain gets a tease as well .... important for those of us who now use a bus pass! Joking apart, Nikki’s choice of music and tremendous repertoire of exercises are second to none. Don’t hesitate come and join the fun – you won’t look back."